221G Pink Slip from Chennai Consulate on 13 Dec 2012

Hey guys,

Interview Date : December 13th.

Common Muslim Name : Yes

Interview Details:

VO : Company name, Client name and  Qualification

Pink slip was provided and wanted me to go another window (Indian lady).

Indian Lady : Height, If i have travelled out of india, Sibling information.

Current Status : 

Got Pink Slip and its more than 6 weeks now and there are no updates from the CEAC site. I was able to wait this long but now it is quite uneasy.

Need your advices guys.

Also is there anyone with pink slip on Dec 13th?

Hi Sherif,

I had my stamping on Jan 3, and have a similar situation as yours. Common Muslim Name, Counter 31 asked me the exact same questions (Sibling/countries of travel/height). Did you get your visa yet ?

Nope not yet… Have to swallow the bitter pill and move on…

When did you have your PI?

Hi Sherif,
Did you receive your stamped passport. Please update your journey with the dates please.

Hi FJ,
Did you receive your stamped passport. Can you please update the thread, with dates.

Nope… Wt is your side of the story? Btwn don’t be sad and change the username…

Did the Indian lady take your passport also ?

Yes… My passport is with the embassy… What is your case? is it H4?

Hi Sherif, any update on your VISA ? did you try to contact them ? any replies ?


No updates whatsoever. Getting automated and copy-paste response everytime.

same here… seems like waiting indefinitely…