221G pending since March

I have 221G on my H1B since March 2016. Came to India for vaccation :frowning: Submitted documents to consulate in March itself. Since then no update in case
On Nov 10 went for h4 stamping Jeeping H1 in 221G. But VO asked why you came for interview ? Did we call you for interview?She said you already have 221G so this interview does not make sense and handed me 221G.

Congressman checked my case status with embassy in September and consulate informs they are still looking if I qualify for visa.

My question is can I apply for h4 again after withdrawing H1B.l? Will it gonna make difference?As last time when applied for H4 stamping Vo was just talking about H1B .

If I withdraw H1B will I be eligible to change H4 to H1 in future. Or I need to go through lottery.