221G- New delhi- Administrative processing--for names like SINGH or KAUR

HI All
I recently appeared for H1b re stamping with my wife(H4)…i am still working for original petitioner and my category is BEP(through company)…so thought it will be a simple one…but got 221G case
I was NOT given any slip–green\pink etc…they did not ask for any additional documents,they kept passports with them and officer even told that everything looks good with my case…but still put my case for “administrative processing”.
When i asked for reason–they said–" they need to do some additional verification\processing for people with certain common surnames like SINGH or KAUR.

Question-- has anyone faced this? what is the process? what do they do in this case? and how much time they take to process this? will embassy contact me or my company for further information

I know lot of people who undergo this due to common muslim name. Maybe they have extended it to other names as well.

Such queries are resolved in 3-8 weeks, but it can take longer as well.