221G issues and waiting for 3 weeks now. Family in the US.

Hi, I’m one of those who is on 221G list. In my case it was a Visa extension and I was visiting India. It started as a dropbox and after 2 weeks, I was issued a 221 G for verification of documents and attended a personal interview. I went to the chennai consulate and upon talking with the Visa officer he collected the bundle of documents. After an hour, he called at the counter and gave me another 221G saying “We have all the documents and we need to review further” and ticked on "Administrative processing " in the blue slip. That is the history.

My spouse is on a H1 with another company and my son is her dependent. They are in the US as she has a valid visa. My son is clueless as to what is happening and why I’m not able to meet him. Called up the Chennai Consulate Support number multiple times and shared my personal issue as I don’t want my son to go into depression. The answer was standard “60 days SLA and check website and if you still would like to share write to us on support-india@ustraveldocs.com”.

My papers are all clear as I have a valid project, the client is a direct client, SOW got extended last week etc. I was planning on writing to support-india@ustraveldocs.com mentioning the personal situation as my wife and son are alone. Has anyone had this situation?.

Will writing impact my wife’s visa etc. Really going crazy with this 221G issue. Any help is appreciated.

I don’t think they expedite the processing based upon one’s personal situation.

As a back-up why don’t you take H-4 interview appointment as well (dates are backlogged). Worst case your visa stamp is still delayed (or denied), you can at least return on H-4 and then apply for COS to H-1. This means you cannot work for H-1 employer until H-1 COS gets approved, but at least family would be reunited much sooner.

Thanks Saurabh for your reply. What happens to my H1 that is currently in progress. I have my petition till 2019. Will that still be valid and I only need to apply for COS?.
Also My PERM has got approved with my current H1 Employer and they are awaiting my I140 documents to be signed to submit for I-140. What would happen to those?

Your H-1 will continue to be processed. Once you are inside US, you can apply COS to H-1. Current delay has no impact on your approved I-140.

Only scenario you have to watch out for is if your 221g results in eventual rejection and the consulate sends the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration and possible revocation. However, this can happen irrespective of whether you apply for H4 or not.

hi, did you get any update on ur case after this?
I am also in the exact same situation

No response. The Visa support number is useless and they have a standard response to your emails or calls. I have been writing twice every week.

Sorry to hear that… hope you get a response soon. I dont understand why they are delaying when two VOs have already looked into your case. Seems pretty straightforward. If you dont mind can you tell me if your company is big or small? and whether you were able to provide a client letter. for me , this is my second dropbox , i am not sure if thats the reason …

Its a small company of 21 + consultants. I have a clear client letter. Sorry to hear about your situation. Which consulate is your application being processed ?

Hi Saurabh, Seems like I’m still not lucky yet. I’m still waiting in India for the response from US consulate. Its been 53 days. As per their website they have been mentioning 60days as a eta before they could respond on the case. Is that a hard timeline?. Now My client is looking for that timeline which is in another 1 week.

After 60 days have elapsed, your attorney can contact State Department to get an update. Note there is a good possibility that the update provided would not be very helpful or insightful.

They don’t have a hard stop of 60 day processing. At times, it continues way beyond 60 days.

Just a quick update to all who are folowing this chain. Do let know your experiences if any that could help. I’ve moved into a phase after 60 days. I spoke with my employer and Attorney and they are writing to the consulate and escalating it. I spoke with Chennai service desk and the lady on the phone advised me to write a mail (as usual) to support-india@ustraveldocs.com with the details and it would get escalated. I’ve done all and waiting. Its already end of the week and it is going to be a 4 day week with Bakrid in next week. Not sure what else I could do.

After a follow-up from my attorney, I finally got an email today stating

"KIND ATTN. : MR. xxxx

With reference to your U.S. Visa application, we kindly request you to submit your passport and a printout of this e-mail at one of the 5 Visa Application Centers (VACs) or 6 VFS offices. To locate the 5 VACs and 6 VFS offices closest to you, please check the website WWW.USTRAVELDOCS.com/in. There will be no fee charged for this service."

the ceac website is down and I’m not able to see the status. I’m submitting the passport and the print out tomorrow to the VFS. Can I assume that the visa is approved?. Also when I could get my stamping done?

Asking for passport is a positive sign. However, hold on to the celebrations until you see the stamped visa.

Thanks Saurabh. I submitted the passport yesterday and the passport seems to be reached the US consulate at Chennai. My visa status still shows Admin processing. The status date got changes to today. Not sure what is going on

Give it a week. Even when issuing the visa stamp it takes a week.

I hope you got your visa.

Hi All, Just wanted to update so that it helps. Like it has been written in most of the blogs about 221g. PATIENCE ! is the key and most importantly just live your life by the day !. DO NOT PLAN !. it worked for me. Every step of it was a surprise. Following is the summary of dates if that helps.

22nd Jun 2016 - Dropbox
29th Jun 2016 - 221G issued for document verification and personal interview
08th Jul 2016 - Personal interview at Chennai
08th Jul 2016 - Documents verified another blue slip issue (Needs Additional Processing)
29th Jul 2016 - Date change on CEAC website. Status still “Admin Processing”
8th Sep 2016 - Completed 60 days from Interview. Email from my Employer to the US consulate
20th Sep 2016 - Received email from Consulate "Submit passport ". CEAC still showing “Admin Processing”
23nd Sep 2016 - Visa status “Issued”, Passport still at consulate.
26th Sep 2016 - Passport ready for pick up at Bangalore VFS

Thanks to all of you and specially Saurabh for your guidance and advise. My prayers always with those undergoing the uncertainty. Good luck.

Glad to know that it worked out in your case. You can now finally be reunited with your family :slight_smile:

Safe travels!