221g issued during H1B visa stamping

Hi, I attended the H1B visa interview today and the VO issued 221g to me denying the visa suspecting that my work in US is subcontracted to the client by my consulting company.

Also she informed that they would get back to me ASAP. I am really unsure what might be the outcome.

Please can some advise


What is the color of the slip and what is written in the slip ?

221g is Administrative processiong for different level of checking and depends on different colors of slip.

The colour of the slip is ‘white’. They got all my I129 docs, new and old LCA, I797C and informed that they need to verify something. Also they told that they will be looking into my case only next week and get back to me with their decision. Fingers crossed

Hi - did you get any reply after that - i am also on the same boat - but i have not yet submitted any documents that VO asked - still i am waiting to get it from my employer - could you please share your experience and what happened after you have submitted your documents to visa admin.

Hi- I have been asked documents like new LCA, Manager letter etc and i did submitted on 13-Dec-2013. After 60 days of my interview (18th Feb) I have submitted a query in the Consulate website and they asked for my passport. I submitted my passport on 27-Feb and got my passport with visa stamped today.

The key here is to submit the genuine documents as for 221g they will check the documents thoroughly.