221g issued but documents not submitted - After one year?


In the year 2016 went to stamping on h1b visa and issued 221(g) for additional documents.

However my employer didn’t provided the additional documents requested and documents are not submitted. I see that if we fail to submit the documents in 1 year it will change to 203(e).

Is that means it is refusal? Because the reason am asking is am planning to apply for other countries and they ask any visa refusal from other countries? So worried what should I say there. As no where in the passport has stamping saying refusal just want to know to avoid further issues.

Thanks in advance.

What does your 221g letter say ? Can you share a copy of it ?

It asks for following documents from the petitionor and my employer failed to submit.

A copy of the employment contract or letter of agreement signed by you and the petitionor.

A copy of the contract between the US based petitionor and the client company station the timing and terms and aggrement for your project.

A letter from the personal department at the US End client company stating that there is a vacancy for you.


Well, I am not fully sure, if your visa was refused…the reason is that you would get a US Visa Denial Letter after 221g. Check Sample US Visa Denial Letter after 221g…I tried to research on 203(e) and it ends up going to immigrant petitions that tells essentially they are terminating the application…so, not sure how to interpret that.

I would suggest you reach out to US embassy and write an email to them and ask for clarification. Or you can also talk to an attorney on this and get clarified… Please do share your update here for community benefit after you research.

Thanks for sharing the information.

I asked my employer who filed my petition and they responded saying my H1B was withdrawn from USCIS.

Thanks. But, withdrawing is different from this. That is just the petition. Every employer withdraws their petition after you do not work for them…Questions is about your visa stamping status.

As of now my petitionor said they withdrawn so when I apply for other countries will say refuse as yes and will attach the form of 221(g) as I know it is not actually rejected but my petitionor didn’t submitted so will consider bas refuse as of now. Anyway in similar situations please let me know.

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Got it. Thx for update !