221G issue and H4 interview

After i gave all my documents for my H1B dropbox interview @ US Consulate, Kolkata on 10th Feb, they asked me to appear for in person interview on 22nd February @ US Consulate, Kolkata and they gave 221G and asked me to send the full booklet scanned copy of I129 petition. I sent that on the next day and till now it is in administrative processing. My wife has to attend H4 in person interview on 28th February @ US Consulate, Kolkata.
Will it be a problem for her, i will give my passports, I797 approve notice of mine to her.
Can anyone please clarify>

Should be no issue. She must carry below documents.
Copy of current H1B petition ( I-129 + LCA)
Copy of primary H1B current and all past I-797
Primary H1B employment verification letter.
Primary H1B last 3 pay stubs.
Marriage certificate/registration.
Marriage pictures/album/ invitation card
Current and all expired passports that may have H4 visa stamp.
Copy of all past I-797 for H4.

I received email from US Consulate, Kolkata and says ‘to complete the administrative processing i need to drop my passport to the nearest VAC center’ and i dropped my passport at Delhi, VAC center and in the CGI website it says my passport is still with the US consulate.
I thought this is the last stage of administrative processing and i dont know why they sent my passport to US consulate instead of the VAC center.
Could you please confirm whether my wife still go ahead and attend her H4 first time in person interview @ Delhi US consulate on 4th March?
Can anyone please respond/confirm?