221G in India, US Visa Stamping in Mexico Prepration

I was working in US as FTE for US employer, i came to india in NOV, 2020 due to father medical condition, in Delhi Drop box i got 221G (my H1B stamp was expired in sep 2019), they only ask to appear for interview no other doc were asked, even after waiting for 1 month i was not called and EA appointment was also denied, my employer was not letting me work from india and want me to return by January, looking at critically of job i applied in MExico Consulate for H1B stamping and it got approved( i have US B1 visa to enter Mexico) ,
q1) Now will my 221 g in delhi will impact in mexico what consular can say. i have updated mexico 160 that i got 221g in delhi and asked for interview
My company has provided sufficient document for business travel emergency and $ loss if i dont come on time, little nervous pls suggest

Frankly, I do not know…
We do not know how connected their systems are…
The positive thing is that, they told you to attend interview in person, which is what you are doing. So, in that way, there is nothing wrong. You can always justify the business need and tell the consulates are closed, so seeking to get stamping in Mexico.
Keep us posted here, how it goes for community benefit.
Good Luck !


  1. Travelled to india, Delhi , got 221G. in nov 17, asked to appear for interview when situation improves.
  2. took EA appointment in mexico , for 21st DEC, travelled to Mexico on USA B1.
  3. Appeared for interview and biometric on 21 dec in mexico city, No Q asked related with 221G given in india, just asked what you do , i said 5G tech, he asked when it will come in usa, where is my family,W hen im flying back to USA.
  4. Got visa next day and on 23 Fly to USA and join office from 24th DEC.