221g - Green (Mumbai) - Case Last Updated Date changed multiple times

Hello Folks,
I received a green slip 221g (admin processing) on Aug 29, 2019 and was asked to submit my passport along with supporting documents. I submitted the same on Aug 30.

Case Last Updated : Sept3 (I think thats when they would have received the docs)
Case Last Updated : Oct3 (Status : AP)
Case Last Updated : Oct21 (Status : AP)
Case Last Updated : Oct23 (Status : AP)

I was under an impression that case update date change is a good sign. But in my case, it got updated 3 times after receipt of documents at the consulate but status still shows AP. Can some please throw some light on this, or share your expert comments if you ever seen anything similar?

Well, 221g is a black box, we really do not know how long it will take.
The online status updates may or may not mean much…Hopefully it is a good sign, but users have not share anything as such so far…All we can do is wait.
Can you share a copy of the 221g ?