221g Form Received


I have submitted my documents in the Drop Box option for the extension of US Visa for myself and my wife. My H1B petition is valid till Aug-2018.

In US, H4 extension was filed for my wife after her I-94 Expiry and so we returned back to India to get our Visas stamped.

My Company told me that , our documents are eligible for drop box option and so we have given our documents for Visa extension through drop box option.

But Our passports was returned with 221g form seeking more information required on overstay.

In the form , the “attend Interview” option was marked to explain the situation.

What should i do next?.



You will have to appear for interview and explain why you overstayed. You can discuss with attorney about the actual reason why the filing was delayed.

How long was the gap b/w I-94 expiration date and extension filing date?

Our Visas Expire on 31st May 2016.

My H1B extension was filed on 30th Sep 2015.
My wife H4 was file on 1st Sep 2016.

Recently my wife H4 extension also has been approved.

So, It means that we both have not overstayed right.

In the blue form the below statement was marked.

“You may appear for an interview with consular officer on any monday,tuesday,thursday or friday between 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. please bring the letter with you to the interview. Do not make a new appointment”

Here I am confused with “Do not make a new appointment”.

Should I go directly to US embassy to attend the interview or how should I proceed for attending the interview.

You can just walk-in with the letter. No new formal appointment is needed.

Irrespective of your H-4 approval, your wife did overstay for 4 months. The consulate will take that into consideration along w/ USCIS’ notes on H-4 approval to come to a conclusion.

I am surprised USCIS approved H-4 extension as it was applied after her I-94 had already expired. So the extension came with an I-94 attached at the bottom?