221g email after interview New Delhi May 2013


Here is my interview\background details -

7th year on H1b, approved I140. I went for stamping on May01 2013, VO asked few regular question about employer, salary, if I’m married, have kids. Then he said “Your visa is approved and I should get my passport within 2-3 days”. He kept my passport and I797. During interview he didn’t asked for any additional documents. Next day I got an email saying my visa is on hold and they need additional documents from my Petioner. Documents asked were - all the docs. that were filled with USCIS, employment offer letter, client verification letter, projects list that I’ll be working on, W2s\paystubs ax returns.

My companies attorney prepaired all the documents and after 1wk i.e. on 9thMay 2013 I submitted all the documents. Haven’t heard from consulate since, neither did consulate updated any status on CEAC website, it still shows Case Created on 30April (went for finger print\pic) and Case updated 01May. It has been 2 weeks today. I checked with my employer and client they haven’t heard anything either.

Note: My I129 case status on USCIS website still shows “Acceptence” even though it was approved under PP. And I’m not sure if PIMS system has got updated.

Experts please shed somelight on my case, How long do I have to wait? USCIS website showing I129 (H1B extenstion after 6th yr) under Acceptance status could be the issue?

Any answers are greatly appreciated, this wait is killing me here since my wife and 1month old kid is in US and they don’t have any help there.


Pl repeat about yr I 140.

If immigrant petition has been filed for you - that is the reason for yr 221 G.

Thanks for sharing you views. I have approved I140 with same employer under eb2, it was approved last yr 2012.
Now are you trying to say since my GC process in going on that is the reason for 221g ? But isn’t this the same case with every individual who are getting extensions beyond 6 yr of H1b.

What shall I expect regarding my 221g?

Only a few days back , in the same forum I had posted my view that applying For H / L visa after getting I 140 approved would invite 221 G . Unfortunately yr case has proved me right. H and L are Non immigrant visas. with green card application you have officially declared yr Immigrant intentions.
You should have got advance parole before coming to India. I think yr Attorney should have briefed you about this. I repeat yr I 140 is the reason behind yr 221 G. Contact yr employer/attorney for further action.
I generally refrain from commenting on matters in USA as I am stationed in India