221g due to travel ban - Dropbox - No further instructions

I had my dropbox appointment on April 23rd (HYD) and on June 1st my visa status changed to Refused. Received passport with 221g stating that visa is refused due to travel ban. (same 221g letter as shown in this site: US Visa Stamping India Updates [Jan 2023]: 200K B1/B2 Slots Released) the letter has no further instructions except refused due to the travel ban, do I have to book a new appointment again or will the embassy notify me?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Most probably you will need to reapply after travel ban is lifted.
Contact the embassy and double check via email or phone.

Thanks for the information and now the visa is refused I will not be eligible for Dropbox again right? Do I have to apply for regular visa interview?

You will need to double check with the consulate as this rejection is due to the travel ban which is not in anyone’s control and the applicant is not at fault.