221g-DS5535 issued after H1B visa Interview

Hi, I attended H1 B visa interview along with my wife and kid at Delhi consulate. Interview was fine with regular questions. But at the end of interview I was asked to go with my passports to another counter to get details about additional documents required to process my case. On this other counter I was given 221g white slip asking to submit DS5535 through email which I received after interview.

Can someone please help understanding why DS5535 could have been issued to me? I have already lived in us for 2 years and mine was a cap exempt visa. Anyone having similar situation please connect. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is rare but happens. DS 5535 intends to collect supplemental information on you including social media usage, countries visited in past 15 years. Your name must have raised a security red flag such as similarity to someone on a watch list. No worries - just submit whatever they are asking for.

Thanks very much for your response. I have submitted the response with requested details. Could you please guide on timelines for the processing of the same. Also if takes long, can I request to get my passports in the meanwhile?
Other than red flag due to similarity with someone on watch could there be any other reasons also for the same. I have already lived in us before with no crime history in US, or any other country before.


I am in the same boat, Got the email to fill Ds-5535 after visa interview. Do you have an update on your case ? which consulate did you attend the Visa interview ?

Any updates from today?