221g ds5535 at Chennai - H1B Stamping

Hi - Was eligible for the dropbox for H1b/H4 stamping at Chennai.
About Me:

  • 6th time visa stamping & 4th 221(g)
  • Work full time for a reputed firm
  • Have a Common Muslim name.

24th June 2019 – Dropped off PPT’s at VAC
28th June 2019 – Status updated to administrative processing
01st July 2019 – Received e-mail that PPT is ready for pickup
08th July 2019 – Collected PPT’s with 221(g) Blue form asking to appear for an interview
09th July 2019 – Appeared for the interview (only primary applicant, gave fingerprints, no documents asked, 4 basic questions, VO collected PPT’s, gave Pink 221(g) form with case and asked me to respond to the E-mail)
09th July 2019 – Received questionnaire asking 15 yrs of biographical history
09th July 2019 – CEAC status updated
10th July 2019 – Sent filled out questionnaire back
No updates thereafter
Please share your thoughts.

Can you share the Pink 221g Slip copy here, by removing any personal details, so that we can review ?

Thanks for adding info. It is quite generic, I was hoping to they had some info.
As you know 221g general rule of thumb is that there is no estimated time and you cannot even follow up with them. Technically it has been only under a month and there is nothing you can do other than waiting for them to come back. You probably need to wait for at least few more weeks, before you follow up with them. Hope it comes positive. You can check 221g Tracker to look at others experiences . Good Luck !

Thank you Kumar. I understand that there is no real ETA for the 221g. No documents were asked except to fill out the ds5535 questionnaire. I am trying to find out more regarding the ds5535 cases.

Well, there is not much data. I have seen one case that took about 2 months, but again you cannot generalised based on one case.
Please do update the community here once you see any update for everyone benefit. I understand it is painful waiting, wish it was better process…

Thank you, will do…

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hello could you please update how long it took to finally get your visa approved?

Hi, it took about 4 months for me to get the visa stamp in mid Oct 2019. All the best!