221g case is not updated from the attended date 26th April

Hi ,
I have attended my H1B Visa on April 26th at Hyd Consulate. The VO office gave me 221g white slip with Others Checked and told me to submit I797,letter to USCIS, LCA and Client Letter. I provided all of them.
After three weeks on May 19th I received a phone call from Consulate and asked me the same set of documents needs to be sent to Hydfpu@state.gov, I sent them on the same day.
After a week my Client and Vendor received enquiry email from USCIS, they responded to that on the same day. It’s been almost three weeks now my client responded, but I don’t see any thing getting updated.
Could you please let me know if there is any way I can contact anyone and see what is going on with my case

It is good that you are seeing progress on your case. However, there is no SLA and it could take anywhere from few days to few months.