221g Blue slip issued in Chennai Consulate. What are my options?


I know questions regarding 221g have been asked earlier. And I know that the timeline depends from case to case. But my question is not about panicking about 221g or asking about how much time my case will take.

My question is simple - what other options I have right now BESIDES waiting?

Can I crack some other interview and get another petitioner for my case?

Has anybody done this before? If yes, then what was your strategy?

Thanks & Regards!

Another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you, and once approved you can re-appear for stamping through them. That’s an option.

Thank you for your response, Saurabh. Thing is I am afraid that if in the second one also 221g is issued then it would raise the chances of rejection considerably high, imo. You thinking waiting is a good option right now?

In most cases 221g is related to the employer and project, and not related to the employee. So chances of running into 221g again w/ different (better) employer is lower. Having said that, if the new employer/project is similar to the current one, chances increase.

Did you get an update on your status yet?
I have been waiting since November 2015, to get an update on my status. But, it’s the same - under administrative processing. please keep us updated.