221g blue slip in drop off and at interview

I dropped of my passport and other requested documents on march 20th. Received blue slip with the passport and requested me to attend the interview. Went to interview on April 11th and was given blue slip again saying it needs administrative processing. I work fulil time and I have no clue what is going on and how long it gonna take … can anyone help me with process time ?

It is just a back ground check. It may generally take up to 90 days, based on what others have shared in the forum.

Anyone know the email address for the consulate so I can send them an email ??

I am in the same situation. I received the passport June 27 2017 with the blue slip asking to attend the interview. Within how many days should we go for the interview ? It says any day except Wednesday but i want a letter my employer. Can i attend the interview after 1 week ??