221g blue slip for H1B stamping regarding client letter at chennai consulate

Hi All,

I went for VISA revalidation interview in Chennai consulate on 14th of Oct 2014. My employer told that I wont be needing Client Letter. In the interview first thing they asked was Client Letter and gave me 221(g) form. I asked my employer to give me a client letter and they told me that client isn’t giving client letters anymore because of their recent organization restructure and employee layoffs. My employer told that they are working on some strategy to handle this and I am not confident of anything other client letter. Is there any other way to make this work? My vacation has turned out to be a nightmare now. I have my things over there in US, my Car and recently renewed lease.

Another question is, my 221(g) (attached) doesn’t specify how to deliver the requested documents. There are 3 options mentioned in the 221(g)

  1. Drop the documents
  2. Walkin Interview
  3. Email PDF soft copy of the documents

They haven’t ticked any of these methods. Does this mean that I can use any of these methods? If so I would prefer to go for walkin interview. Experienced people, please advice.

Why dont you take an email from your employer stating that although you are workingf for them as a so and so and that you are on vocations for x number of days. And that unfortunately they will not be able to furnish Client Letters to non employees or contractors. And then take some project documentation available from the Tims Sheet URL.

And then take an affidavit from you stating under penalty of perjury that you are being honest and not stating anything wrong. Also if there is any other company involved, take a letter from them. Try to ask themm to give you a Client Letter. That client letter would be mentioning all the client details. Take SOW, and whatever else you can to the embassy. Take it by yourself. And try to explain things in a detailed manner. I hope they will give u ur visa…


I’m in same situation as well. I attended H1-B Visa Interview on aug 28th 2014. The VO asked me to email the client letter and issued 221g. However, I got the client letter though from my employer and emailed to consulate in september last week. I received an automated email saying they have received my documents. My case is still under “administrative processing”. Its been more than a month already and I’m still waiting for an update.

I’m also in same situation.my interview was on Jan. 2015.My clientvalso won’t give client letter.What is your status now?pls suggest me how to handle it

Kindly let us know then status… I am same boat…

I had my visa interview in mid November 2015. A 221g at Chennai consulate was issued asking for a bunch of documents, including client letter. An email from the client manager was clearly provided stating their policy not to issue such letters.

However, I responded with most other ticketed documents in mid December 2015. A response was received in February 2016 again, requesting for a client letter. Since the client still couldn’t provide one, I took an email from the implementation partner, and a letter from the vendor confirming the same along with my ID card. These were provided to the consulate via email (as requested to) in the first week of March 2016.

I have been waiting in India and don’t know what to expect. My life seems to have paused. My home, belongings, car, loans, etc in the US are squeezing the last penny of my savings.

Can someone share their experience to enlighten me. When may I expect an approval or denial ?


I got an email from the consulate asking me to drop my passport at one of the 5 VACs today, i.e., on 6th of April 2016, It has been a long wait.

Will keep you posted.

I dropped my Visa on April 2nd 2016 at Hyderabad VAC and pickedup stamped passport on April 14th 2016. I flew back to US soon afterwards. Hope this helps.

I have been asked to submit the client letter and my employer has submitted supporting docs but the US travel docs has been asking again for the same letter.
Can you please suggest what is the approach to be taken if they don’t receive the client letter as expected .