221g blue slip (f1 to h1)

Hello ppl

I have appeared for visa stamping, interview was gud, but issued 221g with ticked box for admin processing.

My passport was retained, did not ask for additional docs, vo said they need to do some verification which might take a week or 10 days.

I am worried, can someone pls advice if any of u were on same boat.


Hi Madhu097,

I had a very similar interview experience on Jan 03 2018. Visa officer said no docs required , just need additional processing to be done on my application and said it would take 10 days but he can’t guarantee anything.

Did you get your passport back ? How long did it take for you ?

Please update.



It took exactly 10 days for me to get visa.
I hope u ll get it in same time frame. Good luck!


Thanks Madhu! Hope so too.

Hi Aravindik,

I too had similar experience on Jan 03 2018. Which consulate was it?
No documents requested, passport retained with only admin processing checked in the 221g blue form. Kindly post a reply when your visa is approved.


Hi Megha,

Chennai consulate. Status still in AP.



Hi Megha,

Any updates?


Thanks. My interview too was at Chennai.
Nope :frowning: Still in AP.

Hi Megha,

any updates today?


My case got updated to today’s date. Hope it’ll be issued tomorrow. Please share once you get any updates on your case.

Great :slight_smile: My case too got updated today, but still in AP status.Yes, hopefully we should get the visa issued tomorrow or next week.

Hi Aravind,

My visa got issued today. Hope it is the same for you.


Hi Megha,

Mine got issued too. Thanks for your update. Have a safe trip back to the US.


Megha ,

Also please share once you’ve received an email to pick up your passport.


I got my passport picked up from the blue dart location today.
Have a safe trip to US. Thank you!