221g blue slip at Chennai consulate on 22nd Sep 2014

Hi All,

I attended interview on 22nd Sept 2014 at Chennai consulate. Everything went fine till the last minute. Visa Officer asked for I-129 document finally and said that there was a missing page. He gave 221g blue slip with 3 items checked and asked me to mail them in PDF format.

  1. Complete petition document with all supporting docs.
  2. Employement agreement signed between employee and employer
  3. Client project complete details including technical aspects.

I have mailed all the documents zip to consulate on October 7th. Till now there has been no update. How do we get confirmation if the documents are received by the consulate and being reviewed.

Please advise me. Am pretty tensed and in dilemma.


Hi Sagar,
I am also in the same situation. I need to send the docs by this week. Pls let me know once you receive any update.

Did you checked your application status online?

Hi Andy,

I checked the status online, it still says last updated 22nd Sep 2014. :frowning:


Hi sagar and andy
I am also in same status.i recieved 221g blue slip on 21 nov.what is your status now.

I am not sure if this helps now but I got a confirmation email saying they received my documents.