221g Blue Slip - Administrative Processing , no docs asked, passport retained Chennai 11th December 2018


I had my visa interview rescheduled from 5th December to 11th December because of 5th Dec declared as a US Federal holiday for the passing away of George Bush Sr. I attended my consulate interview at the Chennai consulate on Dec 11.

After 4 questions - Company name and designation, Salary, Masters major and OPT dates, I was given a blue slip with the administrative processing ticked. None of the documents were looked at, and no information was provided. The VO said that it will take upto a week and the consulate will inform about any updates. I have travel dates confirmed on the 24th Dec, I do know I would have to reschedule, but I am not sure how far away should I reschedule to ensure that I complete all the formalities and receive my passport with the visa stamped. My company lawyer states that it would take 30-60 days for the process to complete as this is a new security check that they are performing.

This is for a new H1 visa F1 to H1 conversion.

I am not sure what needs to be done from my end.

221g is a very uncertain thing. You would not know until they come back. The positive thing I see is that, they have taken your passport, so it is a good sign. Give them few weeks to respond. Usually during this time of the year with holidays, it may be even slower, so be prepared for longer processing time.

If there is an option to do unlimited changes to flight without any cost, then you can keep changing. But, if there is a fee involved, see if you can get refund for your tickets with minimal fee deducted. if you have to change your dates again, then you may incur cost so…Hopefully positive things comes out. You can check 221g Tracker to see how others with Blue slips are moving. Add your case as well, for everyone’s benefit.

Even m in same situation i had appointment on dec 5 with Hyderabad Consulate but i have to reschedule on 11 dec with chennai consulate inwas given blue slip with administrative process ticked and i was said to wait for one week passport retained and i had travel on dec 20 and my case was updated on dec 14 i think its a good sign please let me know your update
Thanks in advance

Thanks for letting me know. My case was also last updated on Dec 14. I hope its done soon.

Hi Arvind & Yashna,

I’m probably in a similar situation. I had my Visa Interview today. The officer asked a few questions. He said “Your application is refused for administrative processing” and then gave me the blue 221g sheet and retained my passport.

Was the checkbox : “Your application is refused for administrative processing. The application will be reconsidered when administrative processing is complete.” checked for both of you?

Also, you mentioned that your case was updated on Dec 14. Did the status change or is it still in Administrative Processing?


Yes, that is the checkbox that was checked for me.
For the case update, its still in administrative processing, but the case was last updated on Dec 14th. The case was initially updated on Dec 11.

Arvind & Yashna,
I had interview on 11th Dec at Chennai.
Same thing for me too received 221G after few questions and was told to wait for a week, and my case was also last updated on Dec 14th. I hope we all get soon as our travel dates are approaching.

Update: My Visa status changed to issued. Total time was less than a week. Keep checking and hope for the best guys. Waiting to receive my passport

Thats Cool, Congratulations Arvind. When did the status changed to issued? Did you get an email too?

Thanks Vinan. I just randomly checked today afternoon (Dec 17) and saw the change in status. I have not received any email yet. However the change of status on the CEAC website says the status to be issued.
The VO mentioned 1 week and it was more or less the same time. Wait for a bit and I am sure yours would come too.

yes hope for the same. Even my passport was retained and even i was told by VO that i should hear back in 5 business days.

Even my passport is issued

Congrats Yashna. When did your status updated?

Around 2.00 pm status was updated to issued

HI arvind
Did u recieve passport?

Hi Yashna,
No, I have not yet received my passport. Reading most places, it mentions 2-3 business days.

Hi aravind
M worried have a ticket for Thursday hoping i will get my vissa by Thursday mrning

You guys can track the passport and see the status. Usually it will be ready to pick up in 2 business days.