221g-Blue on dec-4-2013 at chennai consulate

I went to Visa interview on 4-dec-2013. I was handed over 221g-blue saying your case need more time for Admin processing . No additional documents are requested by VO officer apart from saying need more time to verify the Client details.

I submitted the Client Letter and I797 and I129 to the VO. VO had taken all the documents and returned my passport and said it will take couple of weeks .

I am in EVC model. Client HR team got Verification enquiry from VO officer on 9-dec-2013 .

I am not sure what HR team as responded about the enquiry . After that I am still waiting No update on the case status.

Please let me know how much time it takes after verfying with Client .Please let me know any one got approval for December 2013.

I got Status updated on 27-dec-2013in CEAC status . After that still no updates.

Today (06-Jan-2014) i got all the Documents back from Chennai Embassy ( i mean I797,I129,Client Letter and 221g-Blue asking for Passport). After taking all the documents i have submitted my Passport to VFC.

My well wishers please let me know when i will get status update and passport . Can i assume my case is +ve.

Hoping and keeping fingers crossed what will be the outcome

Lattest update from USM on 8-Jan-2014: My Visa is stamped . 30 to 35 days to get my case approved and stamped. Thanks for helping me in this tough moments and giving good advice. Thanks well wishers !!!



What is the color of 221g slip you got?

I believe they call you to submitt the passport soon.

i got blue slip on 29th nov to submitt additional docs from employer.submitted docs along with passport on dec 11th and on 16th dec i got my visa stamped along with my spouse and kid.

i believe if the employer supporting docs are well prepared they will approve.

It is 221g(blue)

is is 22g blue . i am with current employer from 2008 also

It is an approved case. Just allow extra time because of reduced staff between December 18th through December 31st

Congratulations!! Wish you the very best in your career pursuits!

thanks looking forward to get the passport even client is behind me to get the update and status of my Visa .