221G background check

Hi all,

I am planning to go to Chennai for getting H1B stamp. i am a scientist. previously, i had H1Bs stamped ( biotech) within 3 weeks. I recently converted to H4 and now I am on a new H1B (biotech). Given that they have done background checks on me, will I get 221G this time? What is a the average wait time to get my passport stamped if I go early december 2016


There is no surety as to what would happen. I know a case where the applicant didn’t receive 221g during subsequent stamping (first stamping received 221g due to biotech background). And I also a know a case where even the subsequent stamping resulted in 221g.

It is better to have back-up plans in case you are stuck in 221g. If no administrative processing holds are issued, then you should receive the stamped passport within a week. If its put under admin processing, then it can take days, weeks or months.