221g asking to submit my loan letter, how long does this take

Hello Friends,

I had my visa interview on 23rd December 2016 at Hyderabad, India consulate, it was a 10 min interview and i managed to do it well at the end i myself said the VO that i could not get my loan letter in time due to demonetisation affect and hopefully i will receive it 1 or 2 days. Then she immediately pulled a white 221 g form and wrote “Loan document” on the paper and she asked me to email the scan copy of the document. I am sure she asked me to drop the passport at VFS drop box also but i could not remember whether it was after further approval through email or immediately after submitting loan document.

I took a step ahead and went and inquired at the VFS office asking if i can submit my Passport, they said yes you can but you should write a covering letter so i did the same and submitted my Passport on 05 jan 2017 and till now the status is showing as under Administrative processing. My University is starting soon and i am worried. Can anyone please let me know how long does it take to complete the process ? Do they verify the loan document i sent and also some other verifications like my experience etc . Thanks in advance

University : Aliiant International San Diego Course : Masters in Data Analytics

Note : I have 7 years of work experience but they did not ask for any documents. she just asked me through words which i explained

Visa date : 23 December 2016

Document submission Date : 27 December 2016

Passport submission date : 05 January 2017

Please reply. Do they verify