221G Administrative processing F1 Visa- More than 104 days

@jeevan92ultimate any updates yet? I am in a similar situation.

Heyy, unfortunately I haven’t heard from the Embassy yet. My admission got deferred three times and now the University is not interested to defer further. I now have moved on. Since how many months are you waiting?

Heyy, sorry for late response. I haven’t got the visa yet. It’s still in administrative processing.

I am sorry to hear that. I have been waiting mid December.

Hey Deepahvarmars,

Did you get the visa?
I have also got admitted at UM Ann Arbor into a Phd program in aerospace Engineering and I am waiting for the visa for more than 5 months.

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Following if you evtnaully get your visa

My case as well under administrative review from August 2018. It is more than 300 days and my i 20 was cancelled. School representative wrote me that I can reapply only after getting visa for new i 20. I don’t know what to do? What chances do I have?!

It it pending for such long, hopes get slim as the validity of documents like I-20 do not hold good…Work with the school to get New I-20 and give it another try.

I wanted to update you all about my case.

I attended my visa interview on 5 December, 2017. Unfortunately, my application is still under administrative processing. The last update was on 6 December 2017 (the day I submitted requested documents). We have tried everything we possibly could. Dozens of emails to the Embassy and Dept. of State. A number of calls to the Dept. of State’s customer service. Since no one was responding with any proper information, we have sent a request from one of the state’s Congressman to the Dept. of State to release all files and records of my application.

Nothing worked!

My admission was deferred twice. Initial admission was for Spring 2018. It was deferred to Fall 2018 and later on until Spring 2019. After that my university asked me to re-apply to the program since my I-20 was expired (FYI, I didn’t apply again).

Just to mention. The university which I was supposed to attend is a reputed University. My PhD Supervisor is a well-known scientist in the US. It was fully funded PhD position with research assistant duty. My tuition fee was waived and health insurance was provided by my department. I had both IELTS and GRE scores. My academics were decent enough (more than 80%). At the time of visa application, I had 4 years of research experience from one of the Central Universities in India and I published around 6 papers in International journals.

So what went wrong? No one knows.

My professor in India has spoke to one of the officers in the Embassy. Even the officer was shocked and said this type of cases are very rare and they can’t do anything until the application is sent back to them by the Dept of State. I spoke to a number of experienced people and I realized the following could possibly be the reasons for the delay.

  1. TAL. My PhD program field comes under Technological Alert List as declared by the Dept. of State. This was the primary reason my application was kept under AP.
  2. I didn’t have a Masters degree. I only have a four-year bachelor degree. Although, I am officially eligible for the PhD program in that particular University and even in most of the other top universities in the US.
  3. The requested documents are wrong or they needed any additional documents? If so, why didn’t they request for it? Because they usually do.
  4. Country? Name? I don’t think so.

This is a terrible situation. I shouldn’t have waited for more than an year. Anyway, I moved to another country and started my PhD in a much better University. I spoke to a number of F1 applicants. My suggestion would be to wait until 3 months of administrative processing (because 95% of students get their AP done in this period and be ready for deferral). 4% of students get their visas’ in 6-8 months period. In this period, it’s better you plan for an alternative and if your application is under AP for more than an year, you can switch to the alternate option.

@jeevan92ultimate, Thanks for sharing your situation. Really sorry to hear your situation. I wish US Dept of State have given some clarification. As you suggested, the best thing is to wait for 3 months and then move on… I am glad to hear, the US visa thing did not stop your dream and you have started to pursue your dream at another better University. Good Luck at the new school and for your research !


My administrative processing was completed on 4th June 2019. Embassy asked me to submit the passport. I sent them an email asking to revoke my visa application. Now things got really weird. This is how they replied back.

“We have noted your request to withdraw your F1 visa application. Your case will remain refused under section 221(g) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act.”