221G Administrative processing F1 Visa- More than 104 days


@jeevan92ultimate any updates yet? I am in a similar situation.


Heyy, unfortunately I haven’t heard from the Embassy yet. My admission got deferred three times and now the University is not interested to defer further. I now have moved on. Since how many months are you waiting?


Heyy, sorry for late response. I haven’t got the visa yet. It’s still in administrative processing.


I am sorry to hear that. I have been waiting mid December.


Hey, I know people who got their visa in between 9-11 months. You don’t need to worry. I understand how terrible the wait period is, but it is always better to have a backup plan. All the best. Email me at jeevan92ultimate@gmail.com if you need any help.


Hey Deepahvarmars,

Did you get the visa?
I have also got admitted at UM Ann Arbor into a Phd program in aerospace Engineering and I am waiting for the visa for more than 5 months.


Following if you evtnaully get your visa