221G-Administrative Process- They havent taken my Passports and I-797 approval notice

Hi Guys,

I had my H1B Visa Stamping interview on 2nd Sep 2016 in Chennai . Vo asked few questions about me and employer and finally gave 221G-Blue slip marking "Your Application requires

additional administrative processing before a final decision is made" and she did not take any document from me including my passports and I-797 approval notice .
But my status in CGI federal website where i booked my appointments says “your passport is still with the us embassy/consulate”

Guys ,Please help me

1)why status says passport is with US consulate when she did not took my passports and I 797 Forms
2)Why she did not take my I 797 form , i thought its a mandatory form , and my consultancy is small but he has clean records
3)When in administartice process, can i search for new Employer to transfer my H1B visa under cap exemption

ANy reposne will be of great help

There is a separate counter to submit your passport and other documents. Usually vo will let u know this. For more information, call the embassy help line with your case no

No in Chennai , once we go to VC , they collect passport and i797 and even during 221g Admin process, they take i 797 but in my case , they havent taken passports .Any suggestions

  1. It may be a standard response

  2. They have the receipt number from DS-160 form. They can look-up the receipt information in USCIS database using that. So its not mandatory for them to collect 797 from you.

  3. Yes, another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you while this is pending.

Thanks Saurabh for ur response …