221g Admin processing , and they took the passport

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I appeared for visa interview on 7th Feb 2013, and answered appropriately. But then I got a white slip with 221g refusal, and the interviewer kept my passport with him. He asked to check my email for further instructions, i did not receive any detials.What does this mean?



May be you didn’t submit all the required documents needed to.

[b]Check these:[/b] [b][May be these help you][/b]


221g is a slow black-box kind of process. There is nothing you can do except to wait for them to email to you and then submit the asked documents. You can call them to follow-up, but I doubt if they will provide any meaningful information.

Does the white slip has any documents checked?

No, Nothings checked for any documents , But received an email askingfor my CV, Org Letter and a few questions to answer. Is this a default email that is received to all 221g receipts?? Or a specific email only in my case?

Thanks for the answers.

The VO clearly said, that everything looks good, but he needs todo some Processing. I said Ok.

I feel may be its because of my name.

Looking at your screen name, I think your application has gone into name check b/c of common Muslim name. There are other posters on the blog who have had similar experiences. Once you submit the documents, they will do a background check and then approve/reject the visa. It can take few months although there are people who have been waiting for more than 4 months now.

Hi Ajaz,

Did u received an information from consulate.I am also facing the same issue.

Hi Ajaz,

Did u recieve any update ?
I have been waiting for more than 7 months and my case is still in AP.

Hello AsharKhan, I am also waiting since more than 7 months now. where you attended your visa interview & what was color of your slip? Mine is white slip & interview was held on Delhi. you can reach me at rafat dot sayeed at gmail