221 g Yellow slip issued for Client Verification and Consulate email for further details

Hi All ,

I gave visa interview on 7-Feb-2017 and issued a yellow 221g stating end client verification required. Yesterday I recieved this email :

This is in reference to your pending H1B visa application .The documentation submitted in support of your visa application suggests that you will be working for an end-client. Please provide the name of the end-client you will work with in order for us to process your visa application further.Also, we would like you to provide us with the scanned copy of the respective end-client letter in the response e-mail.

I have responded to this email. I just wanted to ask that is it regular process or they take there own time in verifying the client for the verification?




I am in a similar situation, appeared for the H1B interview on 11th January 2017 with my Wife and two kids at US consulate Dubai. The visa officer was satisfied with the interview. The Visa officer handed over the pink slip and said that the visa is approved and we will receive our passports in few days.

The day i collected my passport from Empost, to my surprise the visa was not stamped and there was a yellow slip with a case number saying the application is under administrative processing.

After 2 weeks on 24th January 2017 got an email from FPU Dubai (Fraud Prevention Unit) asking for Educational Certificate, experience letters, US company offer letter, Client Site contract and confirmation letter. All the requested information with details were submitted on 25th January 2017.

Note there is no 221g request or history on this till now.

Since then there is no update on my case and it has been 4 weeks since interview. Has anyone faced a similar situation and what should I expect next. What are the chances of approval?

I have attended my H1B visa interview in Malaysia kuala lumpur on Jan 4. VO took just my client letter and issued 221g yellow slip. After 20 days My end client received mail from uscis inquiring about my position and some additional docs, my client responded with same. I am still waiting to get update from Malaysian embassy.

Hi, did your case progressed? I received similar email and since then its been more than 3 weeks and no response.

Share your contact if you could

Any update on your case? I am in similar situation. Dont know how long client verification takes

I think they will take 4 to 6 months time.
In my Case, After 3 months I got mail from Kualampur Visa Admin team to submit some more additional requirement such as company documents that give details on the number of employees at the petitioner, their salaries, tax statement last 3 years, request copy of their specific offer letter and detailed job agreement, as well as statement about how you found the job etc.

Hi, I also got 221g from Mumbai Consulate on 6th Feb 2017 asking for client letter. DoS did my client verification on 14th Apr 2017. From then I am waiting for updates, but still nothing… So I wanted to check, did u have your client verification done and what is your VISA position now?

Hi… sorry i saw it late… It took me 40 days to get the visa. It varies from case to case.


Thanks Abhishek
Was there a client verification on your case? In how many days did they contacted client?
Which consulate did you appeared?
Could you share your contact if possible or are you on FB?

hi… Yes after 3 weeks they went to client for verification. I appeared in New Delhi consulate. You can email me at abhishek5378@gmail.com or search me using the same id.

Did you get ur visa stamped or still waiting

Did you got your visa? If yes on which date you got email to submit passport

Hi Abhishek,

What did consulate verify with your client ? Do you know why did they need this verification even when you had provided the client letter ?

The verification is for employment
If the consulate has any concerns on the case then they give 221g admin processing for employment verification. But its case by case basis.