221(g) Yellow slip for H1b at New Delhi Consulate


I appeared for my H1b interview on 27th_December_2016 at New Delhi consulate.

VO asked me simple questions like petitioner name, client name, salary details etc and said that he is not in a state of accepting or rejecting my visa right now and handed over a 221(g) yellow slip without any documents checklist. He asked I can take my passport or he can also keep that, At that moment, I asked him to keep my passport. (seems like a bad decision :frowning:

Its been around 48 days today but have not got any update from embassy. I have read some post for 221g and found that for some people, it took years to clear this admin process.

I am afraid, how I will get my passport back (stamped or without stamped). Can any one suggest me what and how to do in this situation.

Thanks In advance

91 Views and no Answers … :frowning:

Seems like I am the only one fighting with this issue.

Hey man,

I am in the same boat…any update for your case?

Did you get your visa? How long did it take?