221(g) with White slip in Mumbai consulate

HI All ,

I am editing late but after sending all documents to mumbai consulate they send me acknowledgement mail but by that mail you cannot get inquiry about your process they will tell you that wail while status change they will inform you but I think online tracking process is not working but anyways after 2nd week I got mail from them to submit passport and I got visa finally.

so, all other who have same 221G, all the best you will get visa.

BTW my journey is like below:

Hi Saurabh and all,

I had H1b visa interview at Mumbai on 18th Nov 2016 and Interview done as follows

Me: Good Morning!

VO: Good Morning!

VO: Please give me u r passport and i-797.

Me: I gave her

Vo; What you will do there?

Me: I will work as Software Engineer.

VO: What kind of work ?

Me: explained

Vo: What is your salary?

Me: XXXX per month (as I declared in DS 160).

Vo: Who is your employer?

Me: xxxx

Vo: what is that? (she might be confused as I have position as software and company name also contain software)

Me: explained more about name and work.

Vo: how many employee work there?

me: 40-60 but dont know the exact figure.

VO: Do you know name of Owner?

Me: Yes, XXXXX (its a Indian name).

Vo: Is that Indian fellow? (some other expression)

Me: Yes.

***** she left the window for 3-4 min with docs and came.

Vo: Have your worked before in this field?

Me: Yes, I have x years of experience .

Vo: Have you been outside of india?

me: Yes (as I was netherland from my indian previous employer for work).

***** she left the window again and came after 5 min.

Me: I told her about why I was outside.

VO start filling 221g, as I saw she started filling and I saw that she ticked on I-129 and employer letter, immediately I told her that I have all the documents with me right now, Can I show you?

VO said "No I cannot accept them right now you need to send all ticked documents to provided email address with attaching soft copy and keep patient. Thank you. " and she returned passport, I-979 and 221 g white slip.

Now, I am depressed and confused as didn’t get good interview as I expected. After, I mailed that 221 G to my employer and send her 221 G and HR from US employer told me that dont worry we will send them and as CEO has scheduled meeting so he can not talk with you and he will get you. (as it is saturday and sunday it was closed so I expect call from them today(21th Nov 2016).

But, my questions are like below:

  1. Why VO did not accept my docs there and ask me to mail?

  2. How much time it will take to complete this procedure?

  3. Why they issued 221 G to me?

  4. Can we expedite process anyway?

  5. Are they approve me visa? If not then do I have to wait for next lottery system of H1b or I can use same h1b petition to file and reschedule interview again with same company or another company?

  6. Is there any chances to reject visa?

It would be helpful if you share your advice here.




Was this your first H1b Stamping ? How much experience you had ? This first time travel to USA , where you planning to work as a contracting or full time with you end client .

Yes, this is my first time H1b stamping.
I have 4.5 years of experience.
This will my first time to USA.
I will work at end cliend location.

Same experience ,In my case also she went from her system and came.Did you get any update??

Hi Kaliwal,

When I sent all document to mumbai consulate by email then after 2 weeks I got mail from them to send passport and on the next day I got visa after submitting passport but they didnot give me 3 year visa.

Congrats and wish you best of luck

Thank you and all the best to you…!! dont worry you will get visa.!

I also white slip , they asked me employer tax return for one year and my project and role description document, My employer have sent those docs to them. But I don’t know if they got acknowledged or not , have asked them and waiting for the reply. In your case did you sent or your employer sent docs, and how I will get the status of my case, it’s been just 15 days, but what else I can do?