221 g white slip New Delhi 21st May 2013


I attended my US visa interview on 21st May, 2013 here in New Delhi. I received a 221 g white slip towards the end. I was told there appeared some issue with SEVIS when my petition was filed. I couldn’t get further info from VO as he informed that I would receive more details over email from the embassy. I haven’t received any info so far. Earlier I was on OPT before my status changed to H1B NIV. I had returned to India on a family trip and thus had to go through the revalidation process. To give you a quick background, I don’t work for IT industry and graduated from business school in the US.

Any suggestions, on what I can do to expedite the process, or atleast learn what the issue was. Has anyone faced similar situation in the past (SEVIS issue) and how much time it took them. Would really apprecaite your inputs.

Many thanks

Check w/ your DSO if they notice something w/ your SEVIS record. If you were on H-1 before leaving US, so SEVIS record should have been closed.

Thanks Saurabh. I checked with my DSO and she said that my SEVIS record has been closed once H1B became active. I re-checked my petition and noticed 1 of the 3 I20s I held had a name error. my first and last name were swapped. don’t see any other thing related to SEVIS in the petition. wonder what steps I can take to expedite things.

Maybe its the name swap which caused the issue. Check w/ DSO if they can open a data fix ticket to get it correct. I think its not possible now as the SEVIS record is closed, but still worth a try.

If it indeed was the name swap, then it should get resolved in few weeks (3-8 maybe).

Thanks saurabh appreciate your comments. Only my 1 before last I-20 had the name swap. My last or OPT I20 had my name in correct format. I checked with my DSO and she confirmed my name appeared correctly as well.

Is there any way I can reach out to US delhi embassy directly. The traveldoc support emails give automated response. I know the mumbai has an fb page, not sure if there is a similar platform for delhi embassy.

I don’t know any other way to contact them. You can try to post on Mubai’s FB page and see if they can provide any guidance.