221 g-Pink slip at Chennai office 19th Nov interview.


I had an interview on 19th nov 2012 at Chennai. Interview was simple it lasted just for 2 min. VO asked very simple questions like who is my client and where will I be working and all. She said after the interview that she doesnt have any concerns and gave me a pink slip and asked me to wait for another counter.

Other Counter person was an Indian Lady she asked 1 question to me ‘Do I have any siblings?’ after that she asked me to check my height she recorded that and took my passport and gave me a pink slip with the case number written on top of it.She told I will get my passport in 3-4 weeks. But after reading through 221g pink slip I am bit worried.How long does it take in general and what could be the cause of getting a pink slip? I can only think as of now is I dont have my last name. I just have FNU, name so does this cause any problems?

Please help!! I had to travel to US soon

did u get ur visa stamped?

Yes… my status is showing online as ‘Issued’ .Approximately it took 2 week 3 days to process my case. :slight_smile:

Congrats for your visa. I am also in the same boat with 221G. Can you please tell us if you have recieved any 221G before also? This is my 2nd time for 221G and I think it is bcoz of FNU.

Congrats Raghavendra. I am also in the same boat. The indian lady asked about siblings, height, etc… and finally gave 221G pink slip.

Did she keep your passport or returned it to you that day?

No, This is for the first time I applied for Visa and got 221 g :frowning:

Hi Shafaf, your case is almost same like my case, they might just do background checks and issue you passport. Now looks like they are processing cases faster. In my case indian lady had kept my passport with her, that was the only positive hope for me. What about you?

And I think its not always because of FNU because one of my friend who had FNU got visa on the same day when I had my interview without 221g. with lot of surfing in net and talking to people I came to know that may be your name is matching with some alert list what they have in their database. They just want to verify that its not you in the alert list for that reason they took height and siblings details from me. verification outcome came as negative so I got my passport.
If any of your case is also same like mine then dont worry you will get passport but you have to wait :frowning:

Thanks Raghavendra. She kept my passport also. Looking at your case, I am getting some hope.

And you are right, Seems like they do a matching in the alert list. Hope it gets cleared soon.


really appreciate your inputs. I guess this does sound like a name check as there can’t be any issue with my application. Unfortunately, I had to go through this 3 yrs back and it took me 3 months then. Although, chennai post is disposing cases at good speed and most of the pending process are wrapped up in 3-4 weeks.

I really faced the same scenario on 11 Dec 2012 ( in Chennai for h1b) like what you had.

  1. 2 mins VO simple questions and gave pink slip

  2. Indian lady - asking about sibllings, checking the height and saying 3-4 week process time.

Is there any progress in your case number , your update will help me.

Raghavendra - I read your comments late. Good you got the stamping in 2 weeks 3 days. which gives me hope that i will also get in sooner. Between, in this 2 weeks waiting period did you get any kind of communication from them ?
Shafaf - any update in your case and when did you attend interview and is it in Chennai? …in my case also she kept the passport.


The samething happened to me on 7th December. I have muslim common name. The indian lady asked about siblings, height, etc. and gave pink slip.

Any updates on your case. When did you attend the interview ?

Mine is still in Pending Processing. Syed, whats yours?

Mine is still pending processing. I see that Cases around Dec 7th are getting processed now. Hopefully waiting…

shafaf, My status is now showing ISSUED. Exactly it took 2 weeks and 5 days.

Syed, Mine is also ISSUED. Mashallah. :slight_smile:

Thanks other for your valuable inputs. People who are waiting. Your turn will come soon. Wait patiently.

Congrads Syed, is your case fresh h1b ?

Ramesh, Yes its a fresh H1b.

Congrats Shafaf. By the way, do you when we will get the passport? will we get any communication?

Syed and Shafaf,
Congrats for your visa. Can you tell if you guyz call VFS/DOS regarding your processing during your wait time ?