221(G) - In-Person Interview


I attended dropbox appointment and submitted my docs in NEW DELHI VAC, today i received 221(G) and asked me to come for in-person interview.

Do i need to to attend the IN-person interview in New Delhi embassy? or any location In India? also i have travel plan to Singapore in few days, so can I attend there?

Could you please advise.

You can schedule the appointment at any consulate in India. If you are residing in Singapore for work, you may apply at Singapore embassy. In case of any doubts call VFS.


Hi Kalpesh,

Actually they mentioned that “should not make new appointment”, it means can I directly go to any Embassy and attend the interview without scheduling a new one.

could you pls advise

Apologize, didn’t see that. However I am not sure how you would go to consulate without scheduling the appointment. It doesn’t say you can simply walk-in, right?

I would call VFS to verify if they allocated any specific date/time or is it a walk-in? If they allow walk-in, which I highly doubt, then per my understanding you will need to go to the same consulate that issued 221g.

Were you able to attend the interview without scheduling it at New Delhi embassy? I received the same 221g 2 days ago.