221 g in family visa (f4)


I alongwith my family was in US on B1/B2 visa in 2010 and then got changed our status on L1/L2 visa in 2010 only. After couple of successful extension of L1/L2 they denied our extension in 2013 and we came back to India (our native country) in 2014 (over stay of 11 Months).

Now, our immigration visa (f4) visa file got opened in Feb’18 and we had our interview on 8th March’18. While appearing in the interview, they gave us 221(g) refusal sleep (white) asking for L1/L2 related documents. Hence, after this we hired an immigration lawyer (based at US) and thru’ him we have submitted documents on June 5 thru’ courier. It has been approx. 45 days that we have submitted these documents, but we have not yet heared anything from them.

My question is, how much time they should take on this ? What might happen next ? Have you seen any such cases especially in family immigration visa ?

Please revert.