221(g) - How to submit passport @ VFS

HI All,

I had received 221(g) when I attended my H1B Visa interview. I was asked for client letter which I was able to provide and now consulate has asked me to submit my passport @ either VAC or one of the VFS centers. Since I do not have any VACs near me , only option is to go for VFS.

Has any one tried the VFS option ? Did you book appointment at VFS or was it a walk in. Given the current covid situation, I am unsure about how to go ahead with the passport submission.

Please help with some pointers/ your own experiences.


I would just call them and ask.


Hi Kalpesh,

my brother applied for H1b visa on sep 21 and it got approved for him and his wife, but unfortunately for both his kids it got refused under 221g stating " passport is no longer valid" as it got expired last month.
now he is going to renew the passport for both . can you advise,after passport renew what should be his next plan on action, i mean does he need to reapply or just submit the new passport? kindly reply to me .


Just submit the passport per the instructions in the 221g and the VO should stamp the H4 visa in the new passports.

Thank u so much for the reply, it is very helpful .