221 g Green Slip & yellow slip at New Delhi


  1. Given interview 1st Dec 2011 got issued green slip asking to submit some more docs,

2 Docs submitted on 20 Dec 2011,

3 Got letter from embassy visa refused case sent back to USICS for review

4 24 Feb 2012 case reaffirmed

5 Attended second interview on 15 Mar 2012; VO kept Passport, I -129, I 797- C and issued yellow slip.

6 on 28 Mar 2012 recd email from VFS asking some more docs

7 Additional docs submitted 09 Apr 2012

8 May 12, DOS telephonically enquired to my employer

9 Since then waiting,

Every time I shoots mail to vfs, got same standard reply case is under process.

I am totally frustrated now.

This will take upto 6 more weeks!

24 Feb 2012 case reaffirmed - How will it get reaffirmed? Does your company need to appeal for reaffirming?
My passport is also stuck with consulate, am not sure how long it takes? Please provide/suggest a way to get my passport, I dont need VISA anyways…

Once the consulate completes their processing, and if they are unable to issue the visa, they will send the petition back to USCIS for consideration. USCIS will then either issue NOIR (notice of intent to revoke) or reaffirm the petition. They will send the reaffirmed petition to the employer and also inform the consulate about their decision.

This can take up to several months - no set processing time.