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221(g) green slip Interview Experience

I was eligible for dropbox for my H1B extension but unfortunately I was given a 221 (g) green slip. However, my application was approved with delay in receiving passport. I would like to share my experience of interview with consular officer after handing over the 221g green slip. The reason provided in 221g was to appear for an interview only. There was no need to book an appointment for 221g consular interview. But I was allotted a specific time frame in the morning to appear. Following are the questions asked by visa officer.

FYI - VO was really friendly and had a nice smiling face

VO - Good Afternoon Sir!
Me - Good Afternoon, how are you?

VO - I am good. How are you?
Me - I am good. Thanks!

Me - Handed over the green slip and new valid passport
VO - Thank you

VO - Are you still with the same company?
Me - Yep

VO - What is your Salary?
Me - Provided that information.

VO - Somehow my Masters information came into picture and started asking questions about my graduation date so that she can verify the effective dates on H1B.
Me - Explained her my situation in a minute. She did not grilled further.

VO - Any dependents travelling with you?
Me - No

VO - Any kids?
Me - No

VO - Your visa is approved but we need to clear some details from your records and you will receive passport in a week.
Me - Asked her if it can be sooner as I had my personal issue around delaying trip back to the US and had also booked returned ticket with 30 days of gap. Also, I appeared during holiday season in xmas so everything at the consular office was slow (I believe).

VO - I wish I could expedite but even that will not be effective. I do not want to give false promise so arranged your returned flight accordingly.
Me - That’s fine. But she tried whatever she could to explain me her side of the story. And I left the window by wishing her happy holidays.

Interview Date:

Interview Location:
Mumbai’s BKC office

FYI - It took almost 3 hours to finally reach at the window for my actual interview.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

221g Helper

So nice of you in sharing your experience to help others in this forum. Many thanks.
I wish all those who posted questions here, come back and update how did they handle their situation eventually so that others can benefit out of their experience.
You are one such example. Wishing good luck further.

Hi ImmiGeek,
I had visa interview appointment at Mumbai consulate in 11th Aug 2021. I was received 221g white slip during the interview. I had NIE letter from my client even though VO issue 221g slip. Then I also do Email on support-india@ustraveldocs.com for reconsider my application because my client company comes under 16 critical sector which was mention on official website. But they did not gave me positive reply. Now I am stuck. What should I do? Should I pay visa fee again and arrange second time interview or should I wait till their second response. Should they gave response to me another time? I am very confused what to do now. Please help.

You will newd to wait and follow-up again if you dont get response in couple of days.