221 g for Kids H4 Stamping

We recently went to India for vacation and my son had to go for H4 Interview (first time after 14 years), so I booked separate slot for him and separate dropbox for me and my wife. My son had the interview first on June 6th and my dropbox on June 24th.
So my Son got 221 g asking for Primary Applicant’s latest visa. I told them at interview saying , our drobox appointment is on June 24th. VO said, i can submit the scanned copy after i get my visa and he kept my son’s passport with them.
Me and my wife (H4) got visa on July 5th and same day i replied to the email they sent with my Visa Scanned copy.

The case still shows “refused” . Any idea how long this will take to issue the visa for my son? Their school is about to start in 3 weeks and not sure, if they can fly to US before that.


You can follow up referring to the school start date. Otherwise it may take few weeks to get his passport back with visa.

I tried that. They simply said to wait till they update the status and asked not to make any travel plans. I sill dont understand why it takes so much time for such a simple case.

Today (15th July) i still see the VISA status as “Refused”, but the passport status says, “Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery”. Does this mean, we need to schedule again another appointment ?
or can this be Passport is stamped, but the visa status hans’t changed?

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I have similar situation, did you finally get H4 VISA stamped? Any guidance would be helpful!
Thank you