221 g clearance received - what are the chances of getting it again?


I’m living in US for ~5 yrs on H1B. My last (and only) H1B stamping @Chennai was with a consulting company. Later I joined a big company in US as a directl employee and got new I-797. Also I changed my name from “FNU A” to “A B” during the company change. This way I got rid of FNU ( a problematic issue in USA) and got it changed on SSN, DL etc too.

Recently I visited India and went for H1B restamping on March 5th 2013 @New-Delhi and got a 221 g white slip without any document asked. The VO asked only a few questions like my company name, my job responsibility and my highest education. The last question was about my actual name (looks like FNU caused problem again). Also I work in ASIC which falls in TAL. So I don’t know what triggered the AP.

Luckily it got cleared in 7 working days and I’m back in US but I got the new visa for one year only as my petition is expiring in a year.

So I’m sure I’ve to go for a H1B restamping again the next time I visit my home. Now I’m worried if I get the 221 g again as the time to get it cleared is not definitive.

Can somebody please give me an idea? I hope it was PIMS as it got cleared very soon.



I am in the same boat. Did you go for a visa stamping …what happened…I am planning to get my visa stamped. Last time I was in Admi processing for two weeks. The passport has Annotation : Clearance Received. Is it an issue…?

I have the same issue … I received 221G pink slip last time and it took 4 months before it got cleared. Now I am here in US from last 3 years and has splitted the name similar to yours…
Could you please let me know what happened in your H1-B interview ?
Did u get 221G again and how much time it took ?

I have had been to 221g process 4 times (last 3 times was for H1B) and all the 4 times, I have received the clearance in about 28 days.
This latest time, after the officer handed me the white 221g slip to me, I asked the officer when I will receive the clearance and how can I avoid this waiting period. He pointed out to my previous clearance date on my H1B previous stamp (which was Jan 25th 2016) and told me that next time if I go to the Visa stamping before 365 days that day , I would not go through the process again. This time, I am going to try my luck by going for new stamping before 365 days of the latest clearance date (which is Jan 24th 2018). I hope someone also tests this before I go and let everyone know if this is the real case.
Hope this helps.

Hi Did you try to go for stamping within 1year period? did you manage to get visa without 221G?