221 g case give 1 year b1 visa. Will i get 221 g again?

I was working in a major Biotech firm in research dept 2 years back. But now working in chennai for a data management company. I ahd to travel to US for a client meeting in sept. i applied for B1 visa. I have never travelled to US before.

After consulate interview i got 221 g form and after 2 months it got issued after i submitted all the documents they requested. But i got it only for 1 year. I have a doubt that if i apply next year after this one expires what are the chances that i will get 221 g again?
Should i fill in details same as i did this time or shud i skip the detail where it is asked that “whether you are having special skills in Biological field”? Kindly help

You should be okay as long as the detail in Biological field is left blank. Answering that question diverts your file to security threat analysis which is a unnecesary headache.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu