221(G) Blue Slip | Received the email from asking for collecting my passport. But consulate did not collect passport

Dear friends

I attended the visa interview in September 2014 Chennai where i was given a blue slip - 221(g) and no additional documents or passport were collected during the interview. However the visa officer mentioned that he would require more documents from the employer side.

Today i have received an email asking that my passport is being returned to OFC for pickup (email is below). The CEAC status still shows administrative processing and passport status tracking shows “passport ready for pickup” !!!

Does it mean visa is approved? Can someone get H-1B VISA without passport getting collected? Or it is confirmed that my VISA was rejected? Can you please tell me what is the status of the VISA? I am confused. Because on the website it still shows that my petition application is still under admin processing

So I am wondering what consulate has sent for me. I also wanted to know if can some one collect the documents on my behalf? In that case what all documents would be required? If I choose to collect the documents,what kind of documents do I need to bring to VAC?

Dear XXXXX, Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate The passport number being returned is XXXXXXX You have chosen to have your documents delivered to the following location: XYZ

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Hi abba,

I am in the same exact situation. Were you able to find out any clue. My passport is still with me which was returned during the interview. The CEAC still shows admin processing and I also received an email just like you and it is really confusing and mines is a renewal of H1B.

Please share your experience, which will help others in this forum.

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Hi, i am in same email like you. can you pls update what was happened to your case.

Hi, i am in same email like you. can you pls update what was happened to your case.

Please update what happened later. This will be helpful for others