221(g) blue slip- Client letter


I applied for h1b from two small consultancies and both are approved ( H1B for first time).
Now I have attended the interview with Company approval A and got 221(g) (blue slip) for asking the below documents through email, My concern is that consultancy mentioned as it is In-house project in LCA, so now I am worrying will they respond with proper justification or just ignore my application.

so I want to check my options here with Company B approvals, can I attend new interview with these B approvals or need to wait for the embassy response on company A reply and withdraw the application with this company.

I am in big confusion and your inputs are highly valuable.

  1.        I797 petition copy 
  2.        I 129 form 
  3.        Petitioner’s letter to USCIS (employment letter) 
  4.        Itinerary of service  
  5.        LCA 
  6.        End-Client letter 
  7.        Middle client’s letters 
  8.        Mutual Services or Contract agreements

You should first try to provide the requested documents for the 221g you have received. While you may be able to schedule another interview for company B while the other interview is waiting however if you don’t respond to the company A 221g, it may impact your interview with company B negatively.

Work with company A to provide the documents as requested. If it’s an internal project, get a letter explaining what the project is and how it is relevant with your role and job duties you will be performing.

Thank you so much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi


I am having issues with Compnay A and I believe they wont respond on my 221(G) and send the docs. Also I tried to ask them to withdraw my application from their end, but still no response.

so want to check my options here with Company B and I am in confusion and not able to take further actions.

Could you please advise, so your inputs will be very helpful to me.

Visa is a personal application so you may request to withdraw with a reason that your employer is not responding.