221(g) blue slip case in chennai

Hi, Myself and wife attended interview on 18th Dec in chennai.Myself for H4 visa and wife for H1B.As I’m a marine engineer I already got C1D visa valid till 2020.VO asked my wife abut company,experience,client name,salary,designation .she replied software engineer and tester. Then he asked how will u test the software.As she is in aerospace domains she explained about flight control system software.Then he asked her resume and went away and came back after a min.He issued a blue slip 221(g) in which he didn’t mark for any documents to submit but marked for additional administrative process before final decision.Actually the blue slip is different from the sample in net.One side 221(g) form and back side 214(b) form.Anybody got like this or they hav revised the form.Surprisingly they didn’t question me except my qualification.VO kept our passport and her resume and told don’t need to come again check status online within few weeks.Whether it’s a good sign???Howlong time it will take for the process…anybody having the same case…Plz comment .Thanks in advance.

She may have been issued 221g b/c of her domain. Look-up online about TAL (Technology Alert List) which contains sensitive industries like pharma where they want to ensure the applicant won’t steal technology and use it against US. Usually such 221gs are approved within few weeks.