221 g and canceeled without prejudice previous visa


I have drop box in 9 yr child b1/ b2 visa renueval, and they cancelled without prejudice his previous visa and issue 221g slip and required parents interview.

I dont understand why they cancelled the child visa

Need your valuable suggestions.



What’s the case w/ parent’s visa stamp? Do they have B1/2 already stamped? When was child’s old B1/2 expiring? Has the child/parents made trip to US in the past? If yes, then what was the duration of each trip?

Parents have visa upto 2017 and kid is 9 year old his previous visa issue in 2011 to feb 2016
And previous we visit all together in 2014 and stay 13 weeks
Husband wife and 2 kids the second kid has visa upto 2013. All visas are b1/ b2

As someone confuse me to not to face the interview otherwise rest all the visas is cancelled.

Your family’s immigration history looks ok. So don’t have any pointers as to why the visa was canceled.

Did you mention the fact that parents already have B1/2 stamped?

If you do have to appear for stamping, then remain confident. They usually look out for

  • potential immigrants (which you are not as you all went to US and returned timely)
  • financially dependent (you have to show funds and ties to home country)
  • violators (you didn’t overstay)

yes we submit parent and second child visa copy, in my travel history i am travel only 3 times in 9 years and my wife and kids travel first time with me in 2014 and stay for 3 months.
second thing i process this application through my travel agent he filled the form and submission, i noticed in my child application form he filled my last travel history 3 weeks and we stay there for 13 weeks ( clerical / typing mistake) might be this is the reason the VO think that wrong information and thats why he called for interview.

That could be the reason. Complete a correct DS-160 form this time and double check for all dates and other information. If asked about this during interview, mention it as a human error.

I haven’t seen DS form recently, but do you know if there is a question where you are asked if someone else is completing the form on your behalf? If yes, then did you mention travel agent’s name there?