214(b) issued

I travelled on B1 visa thrice in 4 years and on my third visit on business trip, I got my H1-B visa thru an employer based on my I-94. I worked for that employer for 18 months, and dint went to India for stamping. Later, I quit my job and came to India to stay with my family. After a year my wife applied for her B1/B2 visa to travel with me for a short trip (1 week). At Delhi consulate, visa officer dint issue her visa (she went alone for interview) and took my passport and issued 214 (b) on my B1 stamping (though it was valid till 2020)

Its been 3 yrs now…and I have employer willing to process my visa again…as I am cap exempt…I wanted to know what is the best way to apply for US Visa - Is it H1-B visa as I am cap exempt or try for B1 again. Though my B1/B2 is valid till 2020 but i beleive with my 214(b), I cant travel on B1. Also, one employer filed for my GC and I have my I-140 approved.

Please guide best way to apply and under which category…

B-1/2 is not a work visa. It is for tourism or short trip for meetings etc.

Go for H-1 visa if you really intend to work in US.