2020 H1B recipient - Job change before Oct 1

I have an approved H1B that will be effective this October 1st.
However, due to internal reasons, I plan to change my job (title and location) within the same company.

I understand that an amendment needs to be filed and my firm’s immigration dept. is working on it. However, I had few questions and will appreciate some help from users here.

(1) If I change my job before October 1st (and an amendment is not filed before then), what will be my status? am I in violation of H1 (because my title and location have changed)?
(2) Am I supposed to switch only after an amendment has been filed?

Thanks in advance for your help!

  1. Well, you could be technically as you are not working on the H1B position that was filed.
  2. Yes, you should change your job or the job tile only after approval to avoid issues.