2017/2018 H1b cap exempt from visa guider and blue planet solutions


I got an email from Visa guider for H1b cap visa filing and I replied to them . After accepting their terms and conditions they started my process . Next day I got call from blue planet solutions saying they r partner with visa guider and they will schedule my first round of technical round (which was very easy) , now I hav my second round scheduled after which I need to pay $6000 and I have to pay 58k as admission fee to visa guider …

Can someone pls guide me on this

Me in similar situation. Reliability still a concern

This is completely a fraud company. Please do not go for it. They have not shared any details and they have just 2 people who interview everyone and all of them get selected. Kindly do not go with them. They promise that they will share the file number which is sent to US govt. But later they said that they have sent all the applications in bulk and hence did not share any file number and now they have stopped receiving calls. Kindly do not get into their trap

This is a fraud company do not get into this trap I would suggest