2016 Conflict between multiple H1b sponsors

Hi All,

I have cleared sponsor A’s interview process and they have collected all the documents from me for the H1b application.

Now i have been approached by sponsor B, i am in the final rounds.

My question is - Will it conflict the 2 petitions for H1b.

  1. Do i have to tell each employer that i am being sponsored by the other?

  2. Will it anyhow affect the H1b visa filing official process.

  3. How does the lottery treats multiple filings for a single candidate, is it good or bad for me.

  4. Will i go through multiple stamping process ?

Please share your experience and tips for the above scenario.

Thanks & Regards.

H1b candidate

  1. No need to tell employers about multiple filings

  2. No impact due to multiple filings

  3. Good for you. More chances of getting selected

  4. You will have to go for stamping through the petition that gets approved. If both get approved, then you can go for stamping through employer you really want to work for.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the reply.
But employer A had some online questionaire when submitting documents, where it had asked, have you filed with any other employer.
Is there any way for either of the employers to know about the other filing if i don’t tell them.


They won’t know about multiple filings until you tell them about it.

That question is typically asked to know if you have a previously approved petition and can then avail cap-exempt route.

Thank you, i now have clarity on this.

Hi Saurabh,

Lets say both get approved, and i go for stamping for one i want. Do i have to pay any charges for not going with the other employer, since there is a clause if i resign before some period, then i have to pay some amount?

Please throw some light on this conflicting scenario.


I assume you are referring to employment contract you signed w/ an employer. Usually they become effective after you become their employee. But if you never joined them in first place (but still got H-1 approved through them), how does that contract go into effect?

It is better to get it reviewed by labor attorney (US or India depending upon the jurisdiction) and know what you can be liable for.

Hi Saurabh,

Yes that was my doubt also. Actually one of the employers has just mentioned before ‘x’ months of employment, the other ‘y’ months plus if approved and not joining .