2013 H1 Approved. COS h4 to H1. Can apply SSN before Oct 1st.


My H1B approved and i have my documents in hand. Its H4 to H1 COS. which is effective from Oct 1st, 2012. Can i apply SSN before Oct 1st or i need to wait till Oct 1st.

Hi Dharan,

SSN has nothing to do with H1. You can also apply for SSN even with H4. All legal residents with 18+ years will have and should have a SSN. In this case I am sure you can apply for SSN. However wait until you get your H1 petition, as the process goes through USCIS, it may delay your process.


Ram, Do you have any URL to say this "You can also apply for SSN even with H4. " I am 100% sure that with H4 you cant apply for SSN.

Hi Dharan,

There is no specific link but I am sure people in some states got the H4 even with H4. For example the state of Iowa issues SSN even with H4. Please try in your state.

HI, I am staying in the state of Georgia. To get driving license i went to SSN administration office to get SSN. They gave only ‘SSN Denial notice’. Same notice submitted in DDS office to get license. Need to check with Iowa.

SSN is issued by default if you are born in US, how ever if you are a Foreign national on a VISA(I am specifically talking about F1, H1b, L1 and H4) there are few regulations.

F1 - You should present offer of employment(could be as a temporary) from your employer, or University(if you get a job as a TA or LA). If you were a student I am sure you will remember you may have submitted a letter.

H1b, L1 - H1 and L1 visa are issued to employees of any given company and you should provide that information in the application form when you apply for a SSN.

H4 - H4 visa holders are not authorised to work so they cannot get a SSN (because they will not be able to produce any documents regarding their employment. I am speaking specifically about H4 VISA holders), In your case as your H1 is approved you can submit an application along with your I 797 and employment details. Your SSN will issued on or after you are legally eligible to work i.e Oct 1 or later.

Please follow this link and select Adult > Original > Non Citizen


Also refer to this



People here post their opinions rather than facts/rules which are stupendosly inaccurate.

hi! When did you finally apply for the ssn??