2 yr Green Card Lost outside USA process - Border Foil

My friend recently lost his Green card in Jordan and adding the process here as when we were in this situation there was hardly any online information available. Below is what happened in his specific situation -

  1. He had a 2 yr Green card in CR6 category ( married to citizen), had 8 months left for his 2 yr to complete. He lost at the airport before arriving to Jordan. He did have his passport with him which was the biggest savior.
  2. We needed to file I131A paid fees before even requesting and app. Jordan embassy didnt have any appointment scheduler so we just had to email them all required documents and then wait for them to respond with a date. We got the appointment directly after 3/4 weeks and just had to extend our Jordan trip.
  3. After the interview there is a dedicated Aramex some special US embassy postal service types where we had to submit the passport and all documents.
  4. Interview was standard to verify if travel was legit, GC is legit, how long have u been outside USA, spouse, etc.
  5. After 3 days we got an email passport is ready for pickup. N then finally we knew what it is like, Its a stamp on passport that looks like a visa and has allowance only 1 time entry. Once u enter USA you cannot leave the country until to apply to replacement of your green card.
  6. Please note, once you receive this stamp you still have 30 days to enter USA. So if you havent been home in few years, this is your chance to go visit as for 2023 the replacement green card processing time is 8 months :(. So now he is stuck in the USA with no travel alternative until then.
    Please reach out to me if anyone is in a similar situation via my email. I will gladly assist. Hope this is helpful to someone in need!

Thanks for sharing , should be helpful for forum members.